Tuesday’s Frugal List 04/17/2018

A t-shirt I altered for my daughters by giving it a new neckline & adding lace trim to make it look more feminine. 
  1. I skipped my shower this morning, since I wasn’t dirty and didn’t smell, I didn’t see the need to waste hot water on a shower.
  2. The shirt I wore yesterday was still clean, so I wore it again today.
  3. I planned ahead and started prepping dinner in the morning.
  4. I continued working on my sewing projects and finally finished the two shirts I was working on.
  5. I picked up a couple toys for my daughters from a member of my Buy Nothing Group.
  6. I had the late night munchies after my class and redeemed a coupon for a free chicken sandwich.

Monday’s Frugal List 04/16/2018

  1. I redeemed $42.24 in cash back rewards from one of our credit cards. We use credit cards to pay for our expenses, in order to collect the cash back rewards. We immediately pay off the balance, so that we never get charged interest or fees.
  2. I took a 2 1/2 minute shower this morning by staying focused and multitasking.
  3. I made a double batch of waffles. The extra waffles were put in the freezer for later.
  4. I took my kids to the aquarium, using a free pass from the library. We packed lunch and snacks, so we wouldn’t be tempted to eat out while we were gone. I packed 2 travel mugs of coffee to take with me as well. We had to pay for parking, so the trip wasn’t completely free. We ate lunch in the car and I brought in snacks in my bag. Unfortunately, there was a no outside food and drinks policy in the cafe, so we couldn’t eat our packed snacks at the Aquarium (we ended up purchasing some inexpensive snacks).
  5. I hand dried 2 loads of dishes from the dishwasher instead of using the heated dry function in order to save money on electricity.
  6. I filled out a survey and received a coupon for a free sandwich.
  7. We ate leftovers for dinner. I really wasn’t into these leftovers, so this definitely counts as adulting. I’m looking forward to something different tomorrow night.
  8. I continued working on my sewing projects. My shirt is almost finished! I set up my sewing machine so I can zip through some spring dresses for my girls.

Sunday’s Frugal List 04/15/2018

  1. I skipped my shower today, since I wasn’t dirty or stinky.
  2. I hand dried a load of dishes from the dishwasher, instead of using its heated dry function.
  3. I repotted some sage seedlings that I was started on my window sill.
  4. I continued working on my Spring cleaning tasks. I used a bucked filled with warm water and a squirt of liquid dish soap for cleaning. Not only is it super cheap, but it’s safe for my children to use. I gave them both cleaning cloths and put them to work cleaning with me. My 2-year  old mostly just copied her sister, but my 4-year old actually did some real cleaning. Hoooooooray!!!
  5. I made some homemade popcorn in our thrifted air popper for a snack. Popcorn is one of the cheapest snacks we eat and everyone in our family loves it.
  6. I did some more work on Spring cleaning by cleaning out and organizing the storage cabinets in our living room. I found a bunch of art and craft supplies we didn’t know we had. It also turns out that when things are organizes and put away nicely we have a ton of extra space in the cabinets.
  7. We are planning to go to the aquarium tomorrow, so I packed a lunch and snacks to bring with us.
  8. I continued working on my hand sewing project. I’m altering a thrifted shirt to make it fit me better.

Saturday’s Frugal List 04/14/2018

Thrifted ceramic travel mugs.
  1. I took a 3-minute shower.
  2. We ran out of milk this morning and although my children thought the world was ending, the universe did not collapse in on itself. Nevertheless, I thought that if I wanted to live in peace, I’d better buy some more milk. Since I wasn’t feeling like dealing with the Saturday crowd at the grocery store, I placed my grocery order online. It was free for first time customers, so there was no extra cost associated with ordering online. I also redeemed 3 free digital coupons: one for PopTarts, one for Tic Tac gum, and one for a free pack of seeds. We don’t usually eat PopTarts, but these will be good to take on an upcoming camping trip.
  3. I signed up for a coupon for a free package of Poland Springs sparkling water online.
  4. I bought a Twosies Cafe Playset on sale for $3.50 at Woot with free shipping for Amazon Prime members. I plan to put this toy on my gift shelf for later.
  5. My husband continued installing insulation in our attic. We bought this insulation a while back with a coupon. It’s taking more time than we anticipated to install, but it’s getting done bit by bit. He’s almost done now, with only one package of insulation left to install.
  6. I went thrift store shopping and found a number of things that I’ve had on my wish list. Including:
    • A bubble blowing machine for my kids (Only $1.99! These things cost around $20 full price, if I remember correctly, and I’ve wanted to get one for the kids for at least a year.)
    • A pair of sneakers for myself (Only $12.99 for like-new sneakers. These were virtually new, with almost no signs of wear.  If I had to guess the person put them on walked around a little bit and decided they didn’t fit.)
    • A bike for my daughter (Only $6.99!)
    • A cookie jar (I’ve been looking for a cookie jar that fits both my aesthetics and price point for years. This one cost just $4.00.)
    • 2 ceramic Starbucks mugs (These were new, one still had the tags on it. Even better is that I was drooling over these particular ones when they were in the stores, but I wasn’t willing to pay over $20 for a mug.)
    • A university level human anatomy textbook (Something I’ve been wanting for about a year, priced at just $1.99.)
    • Gift wrap (I’m always on the lookout for inexpensive and colorful gift wrap.)
    • Gift bags (I love beautiful and high-quality gift bags that can be reused. These were very inexpensive, especially considering how nice they are.)
    • A Kids Puzzle (This was a find, only $0.50 for a like-new vintage puzzle from the 1970s.)
    • Some lace trim for sewing (I love to add lace to my daughters’ clothes.)
    • Not on my list but welcome finds: a kids book, a kids DVD, a toy cash register (My kids have already spent so much time playing store with each other, they are so cute!)
  7. I hand dried two loads of dishes from the dishwasher instead of using the heated dry function on my dishwasher. And,of course, I used my super cheap homemade washing soda in place of the dishwasher detergent in the loads.
  8. I washed out a quart-sized Ziploc bag for reuse.
  9. I used an Amazon digital book credit to purchase a bread cookbook called Tartine Bread that was on sale for $3.00.

Friday’s Frugal List 04/13/2018


  1. I hand dried a load of dishes from the dishwasher, instead of using the heated dry function.
  2. I clipped 2 digital coupons for Kroger’s Free Friday downloads, one was for Tic Tac gum and the other for a free pack of seeds.
  3. I did some work in the garden. I pruned some vines and a tree and direct sowed some seeds that I had on hand.
  4. I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies from leftover dough that I had in the freezer. These were made with flour, sugar, chocolate chips, eggs, and butter that were all purchased on sale at the lowest possible prices.
  5. I continued working on my sewing projects that involve adding lace trim to a t-shirt for my girls and altering a thrifted shirt for myself. I mostly sew by hand while my husband and I are watching a show, which is why my sewing projects seem to drag on for ages.

Thursday’s Frugal List 04/12/2018


  1. I skipped my morning shower, since I wasn’t dirty or stinky.
  2. I hand dried 2 loads of dishes from the dishwasher.
  3. I did my own eyebrow and face waxing at home. I used to pay for waxing at a salon, which although not terribly expensive, does add up over time. For the price of one salon wax, I can buy home waxing supplies for about a year. This is what the Frugalwoods call “Insourcing.”
  4. I planted all the plants I bought yesterday in my garden.
  5. I picked up a hair dryer from a member of my Buy Nothing Group.
  6. I got a coupon in the mail for a free Oreo Milka candy bar that I found out about from Slick Deals. I’ve read a lot of negative feedback about this candy bar, but it’s one of my favorites.

Wednesday’s Frugal List 04/11/2018


  1. I took a 3-minute shower this morning. Staying focused,  working quickly, and multitasking is my key to taking a shorter shower.
  2. I continued working on sewing projects. I sewed new buttons on a couple pairs of jeans that were too big in the waist (adding a new button a couple inches from the original button is my quick-fix alternative to taking in the waistband). I’m altering a shirt that I bought at a thrift store a while back to make it fit me better and I’m adding some lace trim to a t-shirt for my girls.
  3. I took the kids to a free gardening event in our neighborhood. They came home with flower seeds planted in biodegradable pots.
  4. I hand dried two loads of dishes from the dishwasher instead of using the heated dry function.
  5. I got a couple more $0.75 strawberry plants, a $5 raspberry plant, a $5 blueberry plant, a $2 San Marzano tomato plant, 3 fuchsia starts for $0.50 each, and a big bag of potting soil for $3.99, all on sale at at Fred Meyer. I also picked up a $2 chive plant, a bag of organic fertilizer for $4.99, and a couple of the cheapest tomato cages I could find. I’m all set for the growing season now and don’t plan to make any more gardening purchases this year.
  6. I made a big pan of baked tortellini for dinner tomorrow.  I was already heating up water for dinner tonight, I went ahead and cooked the tortellini and made then made the casserole, which was pretty simple to make. I used the homemade ricotta I made the other day, the $0.99 mozzarella I got at Fred Meyer, my homemade bolognese sauce, and a jar of marinara sauce that I got for free at Safeway. I’ll be honest and say that the jarred pasta sauce tasted pretty yucky, since I’ve been spoiled to homemade marinara. So, I upped the flavor of the pasta sauce by mixing the rest of my leftover chimichurri sauce into it (chimichurri sauce is mostly parsley, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper, so the the flavors complement the red sauce). I had some bits of shredded parmesan cheese in my freezer that I also added.

Tuesday’s Frugal List 04/10/2018

Sorry, not a lot of frugal things to share today. I’ve been trying to tackle the Spring cleaning, which on top of my usual chores, doesn’t leave a lot of time other things. I guess I could count Spring cleaning as a frugal accomplishment, since many of my peers pay for a cleaning service, but I know most people don’t, so I won’t.
1. I skipped taking a shower this morning, since I wasn’t dirty or stinky. Not only does this save hot water, but by forgoing shampooing after dying my hair, the color should last longer.
2. I packed a coffee to-go in my travel mug before taking my daughter to school, so I wouldn’t be tempted to make a Starbucks run.
3. I used my Amazon digital credit to get my kids an episode of a show that they love to watch.

Monday’s Frugal List 04/09/2018

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 5.49.48 PM
Credit Card Cash Back Rewards- Free Money!
  1. I ordered some foot masks on Amazon because they are significantly cheaper there than any other source I’ve found. These are a knock-off of the Baby Foot masks that sell for around $20 a pop. I got a 2-pairs of the knock-offs for $9.99 and the reviews are good. I selected the slower shipping option, in exchange for a $1 digital credit. With warm weather coming up, I know I’ll be tempted to get a pedicure at a nail salon, so I’m planning ahead and going to do my own pedicure at home.
  2. I hand dried 3 loads of dishes from the dishwasher instead of using the heated dry function to save money on electricity.
  3. I made chimichurri sauce from scratch to go on top of the steaks I bought on sale yesterday.
  4. I pressed a brick of tofu so that I can cook later in the week.
  5. We had half a gallon of milk that had just started to turn. I cooked it and turned it into ricotta cheese.
  6. I made roasted vegetable soup using some of the veggies I bought yesterday, as well as some vegetables that needed to get used soon from the refrigerator.
  7. I made tropical fruit cream pie filling, using some odds and ends and fruit that needed to get used soon before it went bad.
  8. I planted the plants I bought yesterday in in the garden, as well as about a dozen scallion root ends that I had saved from cooking
  9. I redeemed $7.79 in cash back rewards from one of our credit cards. We use credit cards strategically for every day purchases in order to maximize our cash back rewards. We never carry a balance, so we don’t pay interest and I try to pay them off daily in order to keep out credit scores as high as possible.

Sunday’s Frugal List 04/08/2028


  1. I skipped my shower this morning, since I was not dirty or smelly.
  2. I hand dried 3 loads of dishes from the dishwasher, instead of using the heated dry function to save on electricity.
  3. I dyed my hair at home using henna and indigo powder. The henna and indigo powders I used cost $6.98 for the amount I used. I used a one-step method, which I liked because it was easier less messy.
  4. I downloaded a new digital audio book for free from my library.
  5. I went grocery shopping and got the following deals:
    • 2 1-pound packs of bratwurst, on sale for $1.99 each
    • 3-pounds New York strip steaks, on sale for $5.77/pound and additional $3 off with coupon
    • 3 8-ounce packs of cheese, on sale for $0.99 each
    • 1 protein bar, free with coupon
    • 2 English cucumbers, on sale for $0.79 each
    • 1.3 pounds of grapes, on sale for $1.99/pound
    • 4 half-gallons of milk, on sale for $0.99 each (It’s cheaper to buy half-gallons when they’re on sale for this price).
    • 1 cheese pizza, on sale for $3.67
    • 1 rolling plant stand, on sale for $22.49 (Not a great deal, but a little cheaper than Amazon. I’m using this for my massive outdoor planter that is so heavy it’s virtually impossible to move without 2 people.)
    • 1 rolling plant stand, on sale for $9.74 (For a large indoor plant that is difficult to move without help).
    • 1 dwarf blueberry bush, $7.99 (This is full-price, but it’s much cheaper than any online source I priced.)
    • 1 strawberry plant, on sale for $0.75 (I didn’t realize that they were this cheap or I would have gotten more!).
    • 1 tomato plant, on sale for $1.99
    • 1 32-ounce container of organic whole-milk yogurt, $3.29 after coupon (I’m planning to use some of this as starter for homemade yogurt.)
    • 1 mini watermelon, on sale for $2.50