Tuesday’s Frugal List 02/06/2018



  1. I skipped taking a shower this morning, since I wasn’t particularly dirty or smelly.
  2. I packed a coffee in a to-go cup for myself to take to my daughter’s parent-teacher conference.
  3. I redeemed a coupon for a free breakfast entree from Chick-Fil-A.
  4. I picked up some gift boxes from my Buy Nothing Group.
  5. I hung a load of laundry up to air dry.
  6. I hand dried a load of dishes from the dishwasher, instead of using the headed dry function.
  7. We kept the central heat off all day. We used the space heater when bathing the children.
  8. I packed tea in a to-go cup and a snack to take to my class with me.
  9. I made a chocolate tart using The Portland Sampler’s recipe. It was AMAZING and restaurant quality. I substituted blackberries for raspberries because they were on sale. The butter, flour, sugar, and chocolate I used were purchased on on sale at rock bottom prices.
  10. I did some work on the shirt I’m adding embroidery too.



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